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Property Management

Apartment Inspections


The WHA’s Property Management Department inspects apartments to ensure that they meet the required minimum housekeeping standards. We will also accompany federal or state inspectors for required periodic inspections.

For residents who are unable to meet the standards due to disability, advanced age or medical conditions, the WHA will refer residents to area service agencies to develop an apartment care plan. Often times, these agencies can help preserve tenancy by maintaining a clean, safe apartment.

In general, apartment components must meet the following minimum standards for cleanliness:

    - Wall and floors: clean, dry and free of holes or hazards.
    - Windows: operating, clean and intact. Shades or blinds should be intact.
    - Heating units: should be dusted and fully accessible.
    - Trash: shall be disposed of properly and not left in the unit.
    - Entire unit should be free of rodent or insect infestation.

    - Stove and Refrigerator: Should be clean, no grease or ice buildup.
    - Cabinets: not overloaded, under-sink storage is limited to permit repair access.
    - Food storage areas: should be neat and clean without spilled food.
    - Trash/garbage: should be stored in a covered container until removed to the disposal area.

    - Toilet and tank: clean and odor free.
    - Tub and shower: clean, no mildew or mold. Where applicable, full length shower curtains should be hung.
    - Exhaust fans: should be free of dust.

To protect the apartments and keep maintenance costs down, residents are prohibited from the following actions:

    - DO NOT nail, glue, cement, tape, stick, affix or adhere to the floor in any way, carpeting, rugs or linoleum.
    - DO NOT use carpeting, rugs or padding with foam backing or any type of backing, which will adhere or stick to the floor.
    - DO NOT apply wallpaper; contact paper, decorative stickers or stick-on picture hooks to any wall surface, fixtures, doors, cabinets or appliances.
    - DO NOT nail, bolt or in any way affix to walls, floors or ceiling any large items, such as partitions, bookcases, cabinets, etc.
    - DO NOT remove or replace any light fixtures unless it is to replace the light bulb.
    - DO NOT change the locks or install dead-bolt locks or any other type of locks on the apartment doors.
    - DO NOT install major appliances such as a freezer, ceiling fan, satellite dishes, etc, without prior written approval from the WHA.
    - DO NOT tamper or remove health and safety devices such as smoke alarms or sprinkler heads.

Please remember that poor housekeeping can impact the quality of life for your neighbors. Your cooperation is appreciated.


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