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Be a Volunteer at the WHA

The WHA is home to 3,000 families living in 24 separate communities throughout the City of Worcester. Our residents speak more than a dozen languages and range in age from very young children to frail seniors. We invite you to work with us to provide them with caring communities that they can be proud of.

If you or your group is interested in volunteering time to help our residents, there are a wide range of things that can be done. Please contact WHA Resident Services if you are interested in volunteering.

Worcester Housing Authority
Resident Services
Phone: (508) 635-3306

Here are a few ideas. We want to work with you to make your experience meaningful.

Weather permitting; there is always a need for painting. We provide the paint, rollers and drop cloths and you provide the volunteers. We can always use painting of our interior hallways, outside benches, playground equipment, exterior walls, and exterior doors.

Landscape and Clean-Up
One of the most obvious needs for all of our communities is making sure that our exterior grounds look their very best. Volunteers can provide a huge help in this area. In previous years, volunteers have assisted with edging and weeding flower beds, planting flowers, picking up litter, and cleaning debris and weeds from waterways.

Working with Residents
Working with seniors or young residents can be very rewarding. We have opportunities to help our youth with after school tutoring, recreational events or SAT prep. With our senior population, volunteers can help serve food at events, language instruction or arts and crafts projects.

Additionally, many of our residents are not computer literate and are not able to use today’s technologies. There is always an opportunity to help expand their world by teaching basic internet use and social media and other computer literacy programs.


Thinking about your future? Put your education to work! No matter your field of study or level of degree, the WHA has internship opportunities suited to your talents that can prepare you to leap straight into your career after graduation day. Take your experience to the next level. We're talking real-world projects, training programs and everything you need to launch your career.

The WHA has well-developed internship programs serving students preparing for real careers. Our goal is to provide real-world, thought-provoking internships with hands-on experience. A WHA internship offers students a chance to get that real-world experience with ownership of projects from day one, as well as the opportunity to develop a network of contacts for the future. WHA supervisors encourage students to take the initiative and help formulate their internship into a program that truly meets their interests and professional development needs.

Our interns and apprentices participate in WHA programming and training, and are integrated into our day to day delivery of services to our clients. While our interns receive excellent training and supervision from us, we benefit from their energy, experience, and education – a win for everyone!

The WHA has internships and apprentice programs available in the following areas:

    - Trades Apprentice Programs
    Fulfill your on-the-job training hour requirements working alongside WHA journeyman and master plumbers and electricians. Learn the basics of the plumbing and electrical trades hands-on in our high-rise, single-level, and multi-family buildings.
    - Custodial Apprentice Program
    Interested in a career in facilities? Learn the basics of building and grounds maintenance, facilities operation, care, and cleaning. Custodial Apprentices work with senior-level custodians gaining experience in landscape and building upkeep, appliance repair, and handyman skills.
    - Clerical Apprentice Program
    Clerks work behind the scenes to keep the office organized. Learn management of administrative tasks such as data gathering and entry, updating databases, copying, scanning, sorting, filing, and distributing documents, and greeting clients in person and on the phone.

In addition, other WHA departments are willing to work with you, or your student to provide internship hours that comply with degree requirements and provide professional experience, such as:

    - Social Services Internships
    - Human Resources Internships
    - Accounting/Finance Internships
    - Property Management Internships

Have a student interested in an internship? Contact our Human Resources department today to discuss partnering with us to help your student make the most out of his/her academic experience.

Worcester Housing Authority
Human Resources Department
Phone: (508) 635-3158


Worcester Housing Authority
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