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Waiting List Status Information

Waitlist Overview
When an individual or family applies for housing with the Worcester Housing Authority, our staff places them on one or more waiting lists.

The WHA maintains waiting lists in accordance with fair housing laws and rules. The waiting lists implements preferences and priorities and specifies the order in which apartment offers are made to the applicants. The waiting list also assists in ensuring that admissions are conducted in compliance with fair housing laws.

Our waiting lists contain enough information and are organized in a manner that allows us to accurately identify and select families in the proper order. These lists easily permit us to identify which applicants need which type of community (i.e. family, elderly), size and type of apartment, and the priority or preference of each applicant.

Placement Information
Eligible applicants are placed on the waiting list in order of date and time of the application. Any preferences or priorities for which the applicant qualifies also impact an applicant's position on the waiting list. Where two or more applicants qualify for the same preference or priority, the application date and time will be the deciding factor in placement on the waiting list.

The WHA maintains waiting lists for a variety of federal and state subsidized public and leased housing programs. All of our program waiting lists are maintained by bedroom size ranging from single room occupancy or congregate style housing to 5-bedroom units in our family developments. At the time of application, applicants are placed on all open program waiting lists that fit the need of the applicant household. At any one time an applicant may be on multiple waiting lists.

The WHA reviews on a monthly basis all its waiting lists and determines whether or not to open or close any of them. Please click below to see the most updated chart listing the status of every waitlist managed by the WHA.

View Waiting List
PDF [March 1, 2018]

Preferences / Priorities

A waiting list with preferences and/or priorities gives applicants of certain demographics (such as elderly, disabled and homeless) priority placement to receive housing assistance. Applicants who do not qualify for the listed preferences will have a longer wait to receive assistance than those who do qualify.

The head of household, co-head, or spouse must qualify for a preference for it to be applied; and official documentation must be submitted to prove the household qualifies for the preference.

All applicants are initially placed on our waiting lists in the order in which they are received. Combined preferences outweigh individual preferences. In order to be considered for priority placement on any WHA state public housing waiting list, the applicant must submit documentation to support their priority request. Additionally, the applicant must submit a Housing Search form, which is included in the state public housing application package that substantiates the applicants search for alternative housing opportunities.

The WHA will select applicants off of its state public housing waiting lists using the following priorities which are listed below in the order of selection. To view all WHA preferences and priorities, please click below.

Federal Public & Leased Housing Admissions Preferences
PDF [January 2, 2018]

State Public Housing Admissions Preferences
PDF [January 2, 2018]


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